The opening of the Videogame Engineering curriculum was approved by the Honorable General University Council and also in ordinary session by the Joint Commission of Education and Finance of the Council of the University Center of the Coast (CUCosta ), chaired by the Rector, Dr. Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado.

Videogame engineering is one of the most outstanding fields and with the greatest future in the field of creative economy worldwide, growing by leaps and bounds, transcending traditional political-administrative boundaries.

It is one of the most prominent industries in the “creative economy”, a term that incorporates complex interactions between culture, economy and technology in a current and globalized world that is dominated by symbols, texts, sounds and images.

The CUCosta together with CULagos are projected as innovative technological centers. And the decision to offer this major in both campuses was announced by Eduardo Robles Marcocchio, member of the Intercentros Curricular Committee and collaborator in the development of the curriculum design of said major.

This major represents a very high level of interest for the educational, private, innovation and entertainment sectors,” he mentioned.

The vision of this Engineering major is to be a quality educational program, with high social and academic recognition, nationally and internationally. And the generation of professionals with the ability to perform in videogame programming, game design, digital art and entrepreneurship, pointed out Dr. Oscar Solis Rodriguez, in charge of the Videogames Engineering Office.

The objective of this major is to train professionals specialized in the development of videogames, “who will be capable of designing, programming, publishing, maintaining, creating environments, systems and interactive experiences, promoting research, innovation and entrepreneurship,” he said.

Officially the period of registration to the 20019B calendar will finish on February 28, but the registration period will be extended for those interested in registering, with Dr. Oscar Solis Rodriguez at 01322 226 2200, extension 66315 or by sending an email to