Hotels do not want to miss an opportunity to bring extra tourism to the region.

Through marketing strategies, hotels in the city are offering a series of discounts and special promotions.
The hotels of Puerto Vallarta do not want to miss the opportunity that the third month of the year represents, so their marketing departments are already offering a series of discounts and special promotions that are starting to get reservations for the third week of April.

Hoteliers mentioned that the strategy is carried out throughout the year, but it is intensified in the months prior to holiday periods such as Easter and Summer, This can benefit this destination, offering special packages, said the director of the Hotel Association, Alejandro Torres.

On this occasion, packages are being offered from March 16 to March 20, taking advantage of the fact that Monday, March 18 will be a holiday, in this way travelers are motivated to spend a long weekend here, with discounts that vary from 5 to 15 percent. And even with incentives such as child free Hotels or an extra night at a special price.

The hotel sector usually has digital marketing strategies. It is through social media that higher volume businesses are generated, since people get hooked considering that there are many people who like to travel on long weekends.
So far, the winter holiday period has been very good for the vast majority of hotels in the city, and they hope to extend these good figures until the Easter period in April.