For Puerto Vallarta, the arrival of new investment is very important since it represents jobs and the permanent arrival of tourists that leave economic benefits that mean social welfare.

On the new real estate developments in the region positive opinions emerged about the work, although it was mentioned that it is essential that the ecological regulations are respected not to cause a negative impact on the environment in the mountains of the south of the municipality.

Businessman Arnulfo Ortega Contreras, declared that investment in tourism has been positive in Puerto Vallarta and the region. If investors are responsible with the environment, respectful to current legislation and if they really represent a benefit for the economy of the region.

Everything indicates that the new developments respond to the growing tourist demand that this region has registered, and particularly the southern area of the municipality, where the mountain and Bahía de Banderas combine.

In addition to this, he mentioned that these tourism developments generate economic benefits that benefit many service providers. From the beginning, during the planning period, jobs are generated in the construction sector, and later the participation of tourism professionals is required.

Currently there are many young people studying majors in tourism management, gastronomy, among others, and all of them will be the professionals that can be employed in this type of development that represent new well-paid jobs in tourism.

The south coast of the municipality will be the next stage of this type of development, as long as they maintain a low environmental impact, so that Puerto Vallarta’s attractiveness is preserved. The corridor between this municipality and its neighbor to the south, Cabo Corrientes should be one of the most relevant in the future, so it is important that state authorities invest in the maintenance and expansion of road infrastructure and services.
It should be remembered that Tafer group announced the construction of the Garza Blanca Sur development with an investment of 154 million dollars to build a series of buildings with more than 1,000 new vacation properties in an area of 134,000 square meters to the south of the municipality. The development will have the beach and mountain housing options and will be linked to the upper part by an access area.

The project has already been presented to the municipal authorities and to Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, who congratulated the investors and anticipated that work tables will be held to analyze this type of projects with tourism experts.