According to a series of surveys conducted by the Tourism Department of Puerto Vallarta among visitors to the city, 32.4% of them prefer to stay in a house or apartment during their vacation.

The study was carried out among 500 tourists who were asked about their stay in this region during the second half of February.

35% of the survey respondents said they had stayed in a hotel; and 18.9% with a family member or friend, while only 5.4% were passing through on a short stay or were staying on the cruise ship where they were coming from. The numbers could be defined as one in three tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta do not stay in a hotel, according to these surveys.

The option “rent house or apartment” naturally refers to the use of digital platforms that offer places to stay at competitive prices online. A topic that has generated much controversy among the hotel industry as they accuse companies such as Airbnb and Homeaway of unfair competition.

The federal tourism secretary, Miguel Torruco Marquéz, informed that these sites will be regulated, so that they pay the corresponding taxes.