Hotel entrepreneurs will be affected by this increase. The water regulator in Puerto Vallarta, Seapal, increased the rate of its receipts between 14% and 16% to individuals and businesses, which implies an increase of up to 32% to employers, who pay monthly. This increase was not announced and it was through an official statement, that they informed people about this decision. According to the statement of the director of Seapal, the increase this month goes from 14% to 16% and there will be some variation between private homes and companies. However, this figure is worrisome for the private sector, because if a private individual had an increase of 14% every 2 months (the receipt is bimonthly), for a hotel, for example, the increase would reach 32% per two-month period, because they get a receipt a month. For example, if a hotel pays 300 thousand pesos per month for the water bill, that is, 600 thousand pesos per two-month period, with the 16% increase in each bill. It would pay almost 800 thousand pesos in the same period of time, an increase of 200 thousand pesos. The increase was not consulted with citizens, so people from Vallarta didn’t like the news. They will have to pay more for the same service.