The promotional activities of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust (Fidetur) continue in this first quarter of the year, on this occasion two important cities of the Bajío region were visited: Aguascalientes and León.

The goal is to promote the destination before Easter and Easter.

In both cities, a seminar was held for the top travel advisors and the most important travel agencies in the surrounding areas were visited to achieve a greater impact in each location.

On this occasion the week began in Aguascalientes, a city just 6 hours away on the highway and 50 minutes away on a flight with the airline TAR, which has a daily flight to Puerto Vallarta.

In spite of the huge offer of destinations that people have in the Bajío, since it´s located in the center of the country, Puerto Vallarta remains as the favorite beach in the Pacific, because of its competitive fares, new road sections that helps save time and, of course, a classic destination where it is possible to create new experiences.

For these event, the destination was supported by different wholesalers, business partners: System,, FPV, Imacop, Naturleón, Record Vacation, TAR

The hotels of the destination that participated were: Marriott Puerto Vallarta, Barceló, Vamar Vallarta, Las Palmas, Las Alamandas, Posada de Roger, Playa Los Arcos Hotel, Blue Chairs, Grand Fiesta Americana, Hotel San Marino.

The tourist promotion continued in León, with Interjet and Volaris, airlines that have direct flights to Puerto Vallarta (as well as TAR).

In León there was feedback from the advisors who attended the event. In addition, there is important air connectivity: Volaris offers two direct weekly flights; Interjet, three direct weekly flights and TAR has two direct weekly flights, frequencies that increase in summer and December seasons.

Thanks to the support of the wholesalers and hotels of Puerto Vallarta, the promotional events were a success, the travel advisors shared with us the growing demand for Puerto Vallarta; With the constant tourist promotion there is expectation of being the favorite beach destination of both cities.