Puerto Vallarta, Jal. – With a gala held in the Cuale Cultural Center, the Municipal Folklore Group Xiutla, celebrated its 25th anniversary in recent days. It has proudly represented Puerto Vallarta nationally and internationally, always exalting the name of Mexico, its culture and its tradition.

With the representation of the municipal president, the general Secretary of the City Council, Víctor Bernal Vargas, recognized the artistic quality of the young people and children who, with the direction of Professor Enrique Barrios y Limón, demonstrate in each of their choreographies, the love for the folklore of their country.

“Congratulations for those 25 years. Vallarta is proud of having a ballet of the quality of Xiutla. You have quality culture. Congratulations to the entire ballet and you´ll always have the support of the city council, “said the official.

Bernal Vargas also talked about the land that for several administrations was given as a loan to the group for its use, which he said, could still be used by them He commented that a way to support the conclusion of the work in this space is being analyzed. Making it clear that it is an issue that has been discussed with the director of Xiutla.

This great celebration also served to raise funds that will allow young people to travel in the month of July to the Tarahumara region in Chihuahua, as part of their training. The director of the group, Enrique Barrios, requested the general secretary to make the arrangements for the Municipal Folkloric Group to become part of the Institute of Culture of Vallarta, still representing Puerto Vallarta.
In the gala, the general secretary, Víctor Bernal; the councilman Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez; the director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture, Marina de los Santos Álvarez; the deputy director, Arturo Dávila and the children of this dance company, accompanied Professor Barrios.

The gala began with the presentation of the ‘Bolero de Ravel’, choreography created by Luis Montero and with the direction of Professor Enrique Barrios. The young people gave a first quality show, where the elegance of their steps, the synchrony and the talent of these dancers, received recognition.

As part of this anniversary, awards were given to the sponsors that made this celebration possible, including the City Hall of Puerto Vallarta. Awards were also given to four of the young dancers for their seniority within the company. To the brothers Manuel and Fernando Ibarra Bobadilla, for 9 years in the group; Mariana López Camberos, with 11 years of experience and Selena Sandoval Rubio, for 16 years. Some presents were also delivered to executives of this municipal group.