Taking place at the arches of the pier, the ninth edition of the International Poets and Art Encounter “Letras en la Mar” was inaugurated on Wednesday night, with the tribute to the Mexican poet Alberto Ruy Sánchez, who received the “El Caracol de Plata” award.

Víctor Manuel Bernal Vargas, General Secretary of the City Council and on behalf of Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, said that culture is a fundamental part of the development of Puerto Vallarta, and is one of the axes of this government.

He indicated that the International Meeting of Poets and Art “Letters in the Sea”, aims to bring the arts to the public in its different expressions such as prose, literature, poetry, an event that takes place in different stages of the city, in addition to the fact that this tourist destination is ideal to make poetry thanks to the landscapes it has.

He explained that thanks to the participation of poets, writers and other artists from different parts of the world, the people of Vallarta have found a space where their voices have a story to tell, written by themselves and shared in public squares.

“We are faithful believers, that culture is one of the best tools that help us build a better society, more aware, more critical, participatory and dynamic, that is why it is important to continue promoting spaces, where citizens become poets”, He said.

Claudia Reyes Toledo, director of Art and Literature of the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco, said she was happy to be part of this project, as the organizers approached the state agency in order to collaborate in some way with this meeting, looking for the continuation of this important event.

Edmundo Andrade, on behalf of the Rector of the University Center of the Coast (CUCosta), Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado, said that this meeting is an opportunity to match what one reads with experiences in everyday life.