With the goal of making mariachi music reach the first place of the charts and create an industry that supports the cultural promotion and creation of a new public, the Mariachi International Fair will be held in Puerto Vallarta together with the International Congress for Mariachi musicians.

“The Mariachi International Fair will take place from April 21 to 27 in Puerto Vallarta, where there are almost 20 mariachi masters, the best in the world, as well as leading dancing figures from Jalisco who are trying to rescue the native rhythms. At the same time, we´ll have an International Congress for Mariachi Musicians on April 22, 23 and 24, which aims to promote the development of the mariachi music industry through education, “said Héctor Turrubiates, director of the fair.

The city of Puerto Vallarta pays homage to one of the most important and representative traditional genres of Mexican culture: the mariachi.

  “Mariachi music requires all its elements to be trained and be competitive with musical trends such as banda music, reggaeton or any music in the world. The good thing about mariachi is that it is a global product, it has the magic”.

In all the events, 20 mariachi bands will participate, 13 of them come to take classes, that is, there will be 150 students, the others are elite mariachis for private shows.

The Mariachi Groups Real de Oro, Star of Mexico, Jalisco is Mexico, Mariachi Corona, Mariachi Los Galleros, Mariachi Guadalajara and San Francisco are some of the participating groups.
The director of the Mariachi International Fair, Héctor Turrubiates, reported that musical shows, workshops, contests, conferences and training for mariachi groups have been prepared, as well as for the public interested in the genre, considered a Mexican Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In addition, there are private and public galas, so that visitors and locals can enjoy a unique show, since the event aims to achieve a broad exposure of Mariachi music as a pillar of Mexican identity.