This morning two vehicles of the Uber platform were stolen in different parts of the city.

The armed criminals also stole the drivers´ belongings. The vehicles were driven to an unknown destination, however, shortly before dawn, one of them was located and recovered.

It was informed that it was during the early morning, when a uber car robbery was reported to 911. The car was abandoned on the road to Salitrillo, on the upper part of the El Pitillal delegation, besides Vista Hermosa.

The agents arrived to the place where they interviewed the affected drivers, informing that moments earlier the driver had been approached by a man in the downtown area. But when he stopped, others got in the car. He then noticed that they were carrying weapons and a 2-way radio.

They told him to drive towards the Pitillal. They mentioned that they didn´t have a problem with him that it was just a robbery.

When the thieves abandoned him, they took his belongings and the car, a white Dodge Attitude with plates JPJ-39-71 of Jalisco.

The agents shared the information with other units to get on the vehicle´s way. 

It was later reported that another Uber had been robbed, also a white Dodge Attitude, but the info of the incident was not released. Before dawn, Uber, reported a third vehicle assaulted, another white Attitude.

The agents began the search of the vehicles, and around six thirty in the morning, one of them was found abandoned on Las Garzas street in Campestre, Las Cañadas, it was the first vehicle mentioned in this article.

The vehicle remained abandoned in that place, until elements of the Municipal Police arrived and secured it. Informing that they still didn´t have the corresponding report, therefore the car was given back to the owner in the same place.

Later, it was reported that the three Uber drivers had been deprived of their freedom. The three cars were Attitude and the three were white, so police suspects that maybe they were looking for someone.

It was clarified that the three drivers were robbed their belongings in addition to the vehicles.