This past Saturday the discovery took place in a vacant lot located on the street Alemania y Héroes de la Patria, in the Colonia Lomas del Coapinole. Investigators assume the person was a woman, half-buried on a property in Puerto Vallarta.Authorities are investigating whether the man who was killed in a hostage situation on December 20th police could have been responsible for the death of the person.  

The authorities received the report of the discovery of human remains in a vacant lot on Calle Alemania and Heroes de la Patria, in the Lomas del Coapinole neighborhood, which was confirmed after their arrival.

Agents of the Public Prosecutor’s Office interviewed the owner of the land, who told them that when she cleaned the place she found the remains, so she notified the authorities.

“Due to the conditions in which the body was found, it was not possible to specify the sex, the age and the causes of the death, but because of the characteristics of the initial clothing, it could be said that it could be a woman “.

One of the lines of investigation is to find out if they are the remains of the wife of the man that last December 20 was shot by Vallarta police.

That day the video was circulated on social networks of a subject who had taken hostage an employee of a grocery store that had just assaulted.

“While the woman was being held, the man confessed to her that moments before he had killed his partner without providing any further details.

Later the subject released his hostage and ran, at which time the officers began to shoot the subject to kill him, which was evidenced in videos taken by witnesses. Due to this fact, two officers were arrested.

Forensic Medical Service experts of Puerto Vallarta have taken in the remains to perform an autopsy and determine if it is the subject’s wife.