The Nutrition area of ​​the DIF promotes adequate food at work, now more than 100 employees of the Crown, Barceló and Marriott hotels are already part of the challenge for a Healthy Weight.

Aware that a poor diet can cause fatigue, irritability or stress, the DIF System, which chairs Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, invites collaborators from different companies to join the challenge “For a Healthy Weight”. This program aims to improve eating habits to prevent disease and have energy for daily activities .

A poor diet generates excessive fatigue and lack of interest, which lowers labor productivity .

“We approach companies, because food is essential for the employees to perform better in their work. Hotels have canteens and should know that a repetitive diet or food that lacks the necessary foods for our body, can trigger the appearance of symptoms such as excessive tiredness, lack of interest in things or irritability, “said the coordinator of Nutrition, Ismael Orchard.

Follow up of more than 100 hotel collaborators in the challenge for a Healthy Weight

He explained that currently 111 employees of the Crown, Barceló and Marriott hotels began with the challenge “For a healthy weight”, where every 15 days the nutritionists of the DIF system, come to keep track of each person measuring size and weight. Also, companies give the opportunity to propose menus for dining areas.

Diet and exercise strategies according to age

“We explain that a diet should be enough to keep them at a healthy weight, it should be balanced with the different food groups and be appetizing. In addition to appropriate exercise to the age and physical condition of each; for example, if at work they use the elevator a lot they could consider using the stairs, “said the Nutrition coordinator.

Those interested in any question or in implementing the challenge ‘For a Healthy Weight’, can request more information in the DIF System, at the telephone number 225 99 36, with endings up to 40, extension 191.