The disappearance of a young woman, of Mexican and American nationality, triggered a frantic search by her father until he found her. Initially thought to be a human trafficking case, it was soon found by the General Attorney of Jalisco that the girl was in an area where known drug addicts linger.

The girl, who was under 15, left her house on a whim a week ago. Her parents, who had not received news from her, reported the disappearance. The family began to receive telephone messages in which she claimed to be a victim of abuse and mistreatment.

Relatives of the minor called for a search party on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the area where the last communication had been sent from her phone, at the intersection of Ecuador and Costa Rica streets, in the Valentín Gómez Farías neighborhood, in Jalisco. Upon arrival, her father was notified by two women who had seen her accompanied by two young men. One of the women said that the three of them showed up at her business to buy beans and the other woman indicated where the girl was.

The State Prosecutor´s office dismissed the case

Around 21:00 hours on Thursday, the municipal police entered the place where they found the girl unconscious under the influence of some drug, and 10 people were arrested, of which eight have already been released because they could only be charged for administrative faults, while two remain arrested. They are being investigated for illegal deprivation of liberty.

What at first seemed like a human trafficking case, was minimized by the General Attorney of Jalisco after some WhatsApp messages in which the girl announced her departure from her house to seek her freedom were investigated. However, others were dismissed, in which the same woman reported the sexual and physical abuse to which she was subjected.