An early solution couldn´t be given due to the lack of material. The problem lasted 55 hours.

It won´t be until Friday afternoon that the pipeline that collapsed on Monday at 2 in the morning will be repaired, said the head of Seapal, Francisco Javier Rojas in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

He mentioned that he does not have material to replace the damaged pipeline and therefore they will have to place a half-inch-thick plate, which will be ready until February 8.

The avenues of Mexico and Las Palmas flooded. Now, there´s a problem in the same intersection that has completely flooded the pump pit. So, he said he was worried about giving water an outlet.

He added that the affected streets are already being cleaned, but residents of the area continue to complain because the cleaning is not deep and the solid material of the untreated water that has been spilled for 24 hours remains there.
Approximately, it will take 115 hours to solve this collapse, which has led to more contamination and the death of hundreds of fish.