The environmental contingency caused the suspension of the routes, leaving the estuary without the collection of money for its maintenance.

After the tens of thousands of liters of drainage water were poured on the Estero El Salado, the director of this Natural Protected Area (ANP), Jaime Torres, decided to suspend the recreational routes until next Tuesday, March 12.

This measure is taken to prevent some type of health risk for the people who visit the area, however, it is not environmental damage that is the only concern.

The estuary hasn´t received resources from the state for more than two years and the total of its income is acquired through these routes. In total, the estuary requires approximately 300 thousand pesos per month for its proper functioning, including maintenance and salary of workers, but only about 50 thousand pesos are collected with the routes.

By suspending these activities, the economy of the ANP is severely damaged and the consequences could be greater.

So far, no authority has expressed support for the economic situation of the estuary, they have only given speeches pro environment, when there are more problems that have not been resolved.