The president of the CEDHJ, (Jalisco State Human Rights Comission) said that he was on Monday in Puerto Vallarta and he knew about the case of the disappearance of Jasmine

There was a complaint that the agent of the Public Prosecutor´s office of Puerto Vallarta, Javier Maldonado, acted negligently in the search of the teenager Jasmine, of 15 years of age. The State Commission of Human Rights Jalisco (CEDHJ), opened an investigation.

Alfonso Hernández Barrón, president of the CEDHJ, said that he was in Puerto Vallarta on Monday and there he learned in detail the case of the disappearance of Jasmine, whose parents reported that the Investigative Police never looked for the girl, despite the fact that they were given information, the geolocation of her cell phone and that her life was in danger.

“We learned first-hand about this case that has been public knowledge, of a teenager who was a victim of trafficking and where there was no proper action on the part of the authorities.”

According to Jonhatan Rubio, Jazmín’s father, the Public Prosecutor´s agent told him that he could not look for his daughter on February 28, because he had many tasks to develop, including “having a few taquitos”.

“We already opened it, we identify elements to document cases of human rights violations. In this case we are analyzing and documenting whether the action was a relevant one, ” he related.

Among the first actions is to call the public prosecutor, Javier Maldonado, to explain why he did not even issue the Amber alert.