For many years, people have complained about the ban condition of the state road 544 or Mascota-Las Palmas, which is the main way to reach the series of magical towns and inland regions of the state in the fifth district.

Most of the roads are full of deep and dangerous potholes, sharp curves next to large cliffs without traffic barriers, and side parts of the lanes covered by the underbrush.


It is dangerous to drive as the holes in the asphalt can damage one or several tires. Also the line that divides both lanes no longer exists in some parts of the road, and the constant zigzag movement to avoid the potholes increases the risk of a collision between cars.

When reaching Talpa de Allende, at this point of the year we must also avoid the pilgrims, who do not have a safe way to reach the aforementioned municipality and risk their lives walking on the edge of the road.


 The Jalisco Congress recently announced that an investment of 197 million pesos was agreed for the rehabilitation and maintenance of a section of 68 kilometers long, specifically the section that goes from the community of Las Palmas, in Puerto Vallarta, to Mascota.