The State Government reported that the Centro-Norte collector that conducts wastewater of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta was repaired.

Through an announcement, the current administration indicated that the work ended on Saturday and mentioned that it required non-stop work since March 4.

It was added that a monitoring coordination desk was installed in which instances of the three government levels participated. The group was also in charge of the information, socialization and health actions campaign.

For example, it was pointed out that personnel from the Drinking Water, Drainage and Sewer Services carried out washing and disinfection in the streets where there was wastewater runoff, and together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development. They made home visits in two affected neighborhoods to address neighbors’ concerns.

It was published on Saturday that it will be months before the environmental damage caused by the pipe rupture is reduced naturally, which threw thousands of liters of sewage into the Natural Protected Area of El Salado, and beaches nearby

The University of Guadalajara (UdeG) mentioned that the damage to wildlife is real, since there are chemicals in the wastewater (detergents, for example).

“We still do not know how much of the compounds or elements that can be toxic are going to stay in sediments. Once the water stops pouring in the estuary it will be a good time for the ecosystem to clean up the excess of organic matter, “said Martín Pérez Peña, a marine ecology teacher at the research center and member of the Scientific Committee of the estuary