The state released a statement saying that the water of Puerto Vallarta is still suitable, despite large quantity of waste water that were poured for more than 80 hours.

The Secretary of Health of the State of Jalisco released an official statement in which, it mentioned that the levels of bacteria on the beaches of this tourist destination are within the parameters accepted to be considered suitable for recreational use.

Just 72 hours after launching a health alert for the tens of thousands of liters of sewage that poured into the estuary El Salado and that subsequently reached the sea in the bay.

“The areas that remain under monitoring are known as the Gemelas, Palmares, Conchas Chinas, Los Muertos, Rosita Camarones, Osiris, Hoyo 18, Marriot and Westin beaches, which have shown the last three days, results within the parameters established the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS).
The decision of closing the beaches to the public since last Thursday and throughout the weekend was made as a result of the alert that the SSJ released.

However, the foul smell and ‘dark’ currents that can be seen on different beaches near the mouth of the estuary have generated distrust in bathers who come to this destination.