The regulation of the Uber service won´t allow drivers to receive payments in cash, not put drivers at risk by handling large amounts during their journeys, said Secretary of Transportation in Jalisco, Diego Monraz Villaseñor. The secretary organized the 13th National Meeting of Mobility Authorities, organized in the Mexican Association on the subject (AMAM), made up of 25 states of the country and five municipalities, in order to exchange experiences, and address common issues such as public transport and improvement proposals. In this context, in an interview he commented that steps have been taken to regularize the service of the Uber service, but there is still a need to consolidate the list of drivers and vehicles as well as their registration at the state level. He said that they would listen to the petitions of the affiliated taxi drivers in the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM). But for now the indications are that the law is complied with, that is to say with the registration and to avoid receiving payments in cash. He even commented that it will be very important that taxi drivers can also modernize and have their own application, which would avoid fuel costs to go to where the user is. Also, receiving card payments could help them compete with Uber drivers.