Inmigrants from Central America have arrived in small groups in Puerto Vallarta, to settle down and get a job, most of them with their families.

“We came here, I come to ask for a little support, not to steal or hurt, we are good. We are from Honduras, I´m coming with my family because in our country there are no opportunities”, explained the subject
When talking with him, he mentioned that he is not the only one, but that there are several Honduran inmigrants who decided to come to Puerto Vallarta in search of opportunities. They were part of the main inmigrant caravan that went through Nayarit to go to Sinaloa and reach the U.S.

“We are several, I came with my family to look for a job, just to get some food”, Said the man, while showing his identity document as a Honduran.

While collecting the money that some bus passengers gave him after explaining his situation, he thanked and showed his document, although it was easy to believe him because of his speaking tone.