Although the area of ​​the canals and estuaries in the Nuevo Vallarta area is much larger than the one that Puerto Vallarta has, the mangrove has reached scarcity after it has been cut down by the real estate development.

The lagoons and canals that are left are no longer a home for the crocodiles of the region, which in this part of the bay do not reach adulthood, Jaime Torres, the main carer of the El Salado estuary, said.

According to the specialist, between 2 and 4 adult specimens, live in the canals area of ​​Nuevo Vallarta and on the lagoon El Quelele. The others are very young reptiles and they live in different zones. However, the population of crocodiles is already scarce because the depth of the lagoon is constantly low and the canals have been drained, so they are no longer an ideal habitat for adult crocodiles.