Part of what is collected will be donated to the Municipal Shelter, Animal Assistance and Control Center of Puerto Vallarta. With this event we also seek to promote family coexistence

To raise funds for the Municipal Shelter, Animal Assistance and Control Center of Puerto Vallarta (CCAAAM), the first “Furry Festival” will be held next April. Event that also seeks to promote family coexistence. An attendance of two thousand people is expected.

At a press conference to publicize the details of the event, Diego Fernando Sanchez, head of the CCAAAM, said that the resources that are collected, will be used to buy medication, anesthetics for surgeries and improvement of facilities. In addition to the construction of a pool for rehabilitation of animals that have trouble walking.

He mentioned that currently the Animal Control Center has about 70 dogs and cats, but on average one animal arrives per day and there are occasions when many cats arrive at the same time.

Silvia Álvarez Bustos, responsible for the area of ​​Animal Welfare, said that during this event, there will be staff of the Association of Veterinarians Specialists of Small Species.

In the event pets can participate in the different contests that will be held, such as the most similar dog to its owner, the pet that does the best tail wagging, pet costumes, as well as the contest “Canine Beauty”, where dogs 3 months and up can participate. Registration costs for these contests range from 50 pesos to 120 pesos.

The Mushing Urbano race will also be held, which is the technique in which dogs pull sleds, adapting them to urban areas with wheels. As well as the visit of a judge from the Mexican Canine Association.

The ticket to the event for two days will be 20 pesos for adults and ten pesos for children, in addition, all the funds will be donated to the CCAAAM.