As of last Saturday, March 30, gasoline should have gone down in price, however, in Puerto Vallarta no changes have been seen.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit announced on March 29 that as of the 30 of the same month, the magna gasoline would have a decrease in its price of 1 peso with 50 cents, however, in Puerto Vallarta it still has the same price.

This measure was taken after the fiscal stimulus applied by the SCHP was reduced by 31%. But in Puerto Vallarta no gas station has changed its gasoline prices. Asking dispatchers of the 3 franchises that sell fuel in the city, in 2 of them the workers were not aware of this reduction; in the other they did know, but they did not know why it had not come down.

“Maybe it’s because the gasoline we have here had been bought before and the one that is bought from now on may be cheaper, but I don´t know,” said a Pemex dispatcher.

In Puerto Vallarta, gasoline costs from 19.70. pesos per liter up to 20.76 pesos per liter and has remained that way since the fuel prices were released, in 2018. It should be noted that premium gasoline would also have a reduction of 0.68 pesos per liter and diesel of 1.26 pesos per liter.