In recent days the Student Talks concept was held at the Vallarta Theater, an initiative created in Puerto Vallarta by students for students, which seeks to offer a space in which young people learn from the experiences of others. Six speakers participated In its second edition, who talked about various topics such as ecology, music, family, among others that inspired the audience.

Samanta Osorno, hostess of the event, explained that this project is aimed at high school students to send them a message in which they understand that through their initiatives they can make a change in society. But above all, to encourage young people to take action.

“In my class room, everyone wants to do something. But they do not know if they are capable enough, or they don´t have the tools to do it.

It’s scary for them to take the initiative and they don´t do it, and that limits everything they could be doing to achieve what they want, I see young people a little bit down, but that’s why we do this event, so they see that it´s hard, that it is difficult, we are all nervous, but we can … “

The event was attended by students from various schools in the municipality, who were excited to know about this project that allows them to express their ideas.