Puerto Vallarta, has great importance as one of the main cities in terms of tourism, so it deserves more support from the federation, said René Juvenal Bejarano Martínez, president of the “Nueva Esperanza” Civil Association.

In a press conference he said “there is no waste of resources, on the other hand, Jalisco needs more money and it is the goal”, as for Puerto Vallarta in particular, he said he would meet with the mayor to see how this association could help, He insisted that this destination has great potential and is a source of income and resources for the country.

“Puerto Vallarta has a lot of tourism, it does not suffer from violence as in the past, so it needs to grow, and I think the federal government, in coordination with the state government and the municipality, should make an effort to do so”.

When asked about the 650 million pesos assigned for vulnerable areas and that the municipality will not receive this year, he indicated that this number will be increased,

At the same time, he said, the goal is to prioritize fair development in areas where there is more insecurity, he even pointed out that there is a misunderstanding about resources. He said that resources for marginalized areas, have been increasing through many programs.

Among other actions mentioned, rural roads, bridges, clinics and hospitals are being built and scholarships are also being given to young people from marginalized areas. And support for the construction of various projects and Jalisco will not be the exception, so he reiterated that there is some kind of information that does not correspond with the truth.

Regarding the recent demonstration of workers of the ISSSTE due to the lack of federal resources that were suspended by the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for the construction of a new ISSSTE hospital, Bejarano Martínez pointed out that again this is wrong information, ” On the contrary, what has been approved is to finish building hospitals that are halfway “.

Although he said that what is being avoided is the non-transparent exercise of public resources, so he said that it would be necessary to see what the project is about and where it is.

“There are many hospitals and clinics in the country that are halfway there or that were completed and do not work, maybe what is being done is to finish the ones that were left unfinished.”.