On the second anniversary of the Regional Unit of Rehabilitation (URR), this Monday. The president of the DIF System, Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, and the mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, inaugurated the therapeutic tank that will benefit hundreds of people who come to get their therapies.

During the inauguration, the first mayor of Valladolid recognized the work carried out by the health care organization, which has achieved historic results on the lives of thousands of users, who have changed their present and future through the therapies.

He explained that this new tank helps with physical rehabilitation exercises, in which 4 million 729 thousand pesos were invested, 50 percent municipal and 50 percent state, and charity as well. In total, it was an amount of 6 million pesos that were invested.

On the other hand, Candelaria Tovar, pointed out that for the DIF family and for the community it is a special day, because this is an important achievement and the URR continues to grow and consolidate.

“This therapeutic tank is a temperature-controlled pool, which favors physical rehabilitation exercises. It has a systemthat allows users to swim against the flow, massage for patients, hydrojet, chromotherapy, bars, bicycle, which with good therapy helps patients achieve their recovery 30% faster, depending on the condition they have, “he said.

He thanked the municipal government and the state government for the economic resource for this tank, which includes bathrooms, showers, machine room, warehouse and adjustments to the mechanotherapy room.