The National Association of Self-Service and Departmental Stores (ANTAD) of Puerto Vallarta expects an important growth in the economic flow this easter and Easter season.

Teresita Marmolejo López, counselor and vice president of social communication and public relations of ANTAD, reported that the companies and businesses that are part of this association in Puerto Vallarta forecast a growth in sales of more than 20 percent over the same period of the year past.

She said that the Association of Self-Service and Department Store is confident that national tourism will consume in the days of Holy Week, which will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as it has traditionally happened.

He mentioned that this Easter is very good for companies associated with the business organization in this city. “ANTAD is prepared to receive all tourists, both national and foreign, although we know that Easter is a holiday season that has been characterized by being one of the strongest in terms of economic impact, “Marmolejo said.

He added that specifically speaking of the ANTAD, the Easter period is one of the seasons where self-service stores have a greater economic impact. “I can tell you that they are expected to have a 20 percent increase, unlike 2018 and that is because we know that this first week we have a 70 percent market that does come and enjoy the beaches, but also their consumption is made in this type of stores “