The Directorate of Public Services reported that garbage collection has increased by 25 percent and it is expected that from Thursday until Sunday 600 to 650 tons will be collected per day.

The municipal government headed by Arturo Dávalos Peña, through the Directorate of Public Services, redoubles efforts on this holiday period in order to keep a clean city and provide thousands of visitors with a better image of this tourist destination.

Diego Franco Jiménez, head of the agency, reported that the mayor of Vallarta’s instruction is to prioritize the cleaning and garbage collection in the tourist strip, where in these days, the service has been reinforced with more vehicles and personnel, without neglecting the other neighborhoods.

He indicated that the cleanup work in the downtown area and beaches, starts from early hours of the day with more than 90 people and the support of four additional vehicles that are responsible for collecting garbage and changing trash cans bags constantly , while in the afternoon another group of 40 workers will do the same.

He specified that in a normal day, 400 to 450 tons are collected daily throughout the city; However, in these dates the generation of garbage is increased by 25 percent, and it is expected that from this Thursday until next Sunday, between 600 and 650 tons of waste will be collected, which means that work will be redoubled. To keep the city clean.