Munguía hasn´t kept his promise and the road is impassable.

Thousands of vacationers, especially from the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, year after year come to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the holiday period of Easter week and they do it on the 544 freeway to save 500 pesos of booths. But, this year, traveling around is nothing but impossible.

The road is completely destroyed, especially in the section Talpa-La Estancia, as reported by drivers. It will be 15 months since the last repair work was made on the road. Although the local deputy Luis Munguía promised that in February, 197 million pesos would be invested, so far there is no progress.

The danger of traveling on the road, especially at night due to the lack of lighting, increases day by day due to the potholes located in the sharp curves and the few signs. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Work announced last January that the road rehabilitation was ‘coming soon’, however, he did not specify dates.