Most of the victims died on road accidents, according to Civil Protection. 21 dead people is the result after Easter week, reported the State Civil Protection Unit, most of them by road accidents and others by drowning.

In total during this vacation the following events were recorded:

  • 12 deaths due to road accidents.
  • Eight deaths by drowning, being of these, 6 in dams, one in river and one in sea.
  • One death by suicide.

The UEPCBJ performed 115 prehospital care services, 12 vehicle and water rescues, and one by air.

There were 71 fires. The State Unit of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco, kept constant surveillance by land, water and air, and deployed a total of 250 officers in the eight regional bases, paying more attention in the regions of the south and north coasts, Talpa de Allende, San Juan de los Lagos, Ciudad Guzman and the Nevado de Colima National Park, places where the highest influx of vacationers was recorded.