Puerto Vallarta Government Promotes Care of Local Fauna

February 13, 2019

Puerto Vallarta, Jal. – With the objective of strengthening the care, protection and respect towards our habitat, as well as the domestic and wild fauna, the Animal Welfare Coordination works intensely on educational dynamics at educational establishments of Puerto Vallarta.

During the last two weeks, this governmental body, in collaboration with “Sociedad Animal A.C.” and “Terra Exotic”, has offered entertaining activities to more than 500 students of different levels of education in ten schools in the city.

The talks address issues such as responsible ownership; dignified treatment of domestic, companion and wild fauna; habitat care; responsible actions to preserve our environment and violence prevention, which achieve a substantial interaction with students, thanks to the implementation of a musicalized puppet play, as well as a live crocodile specimen (born in captivity), promoting respect to the animals.

It is important to highlight that these activities have had an excellent acceptance, due to its enjoyable and colloquial message, directed to both children and adults. Following the ideology of achieving a green, sustainable and protective municipality of the flora and fauna of this touristic destination. Also reinforced with teaching materials such as books and characters to color and a lottery with a message of animal welfare.

Therefore, and seeking to permeate this transcendental knowledge in society, the dependency makes available this environmental education program for all schools that request it, arranging an appointment in advance at 22-5 88-37. The free talks are offered from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. at 3:00 p.m.