Despite what happened at the beginning of the year, the state government did not consider this destination as a priority area.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara, the Altos region and the North Region, are the three zones considered as priority in terms of security according to the government of Enrique Alfaro, so, despite what happened in the beginning of 2019, Puerto Vallarta remains a lower priority.

According to an official statement from the government administration, as of this Saturday, the three zones mentioned above will receive more than 2,000 troops from the Municipal, State and Federal governments to carry out constant operations and thus lower the crime rate.

“The Strategic General Security Coordinator of Jalisco, Macedonio Tamez Guajardo, reported that formally three priority security zones were established this Friday, which will be monitored by the military command and the federal, state and municipal police. The regions will be: The Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara (AMG); the Altos region and the North Zone”, the statement said.

Puerto Vallarta has had a complicated start of the year due to the high impact crimes that have occurred in various parts of the city. Murders in the tourist heart, attacks in bars, confirmed kidnappings and attempts of some more to minors and the discovery of bodies in empty lands, have been reported in just 2 months.

But for Enrique Alfaro, this city is not a priority area to increase security, for now.