The mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Arturo Dávalos Peña, informed that the owner of Sedatu informed him about the redirection of federal resources.

The mayor said that the federal government announced that, in order to complete the construction of the Line 3, it would adjust the budget of the SCT.

Puerto Vallarta will not receive this year the 650 million pesos from the Federal Program for the Development of Priority Zones, due to budget reallocations to conclude Line 3 (L3) of the Electric Train; said the mayor, Arturo Dávalos Peña. He said that, the head of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), Román Meyer Falcón, informed him about the redirection of the resources.

“They told me that those (resources) are going to decrease until next year. This year they are completing the construction of Line 3 in the metropolitan area. That’s what the secretary told me on the phone. We have nothing in writing, but it was a phone call.

It affects us, but we are going to continue managing resources, I talked to the governor and we are seeing how we are going to get resources for the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, “he said.