In order to design public policies that respond to citizens, the municipal government Arturo, through the Institutional Development Department, began with public consultations for the Municipal Development and Governance Plan.

Claudia Barbosa Padilla, Director of Institutional Development, said that City Council staff will be applying the surveys directly to citizens, in the facilities of the Municipal Administrative Unit (UMA), Municipal Presidency, delegations and municipal agencies, as well as a brigade that will visit the homes of the neighborhoods, as well as on the official page of the municipal government.

She indicated that citizens can answer the questionnaire on various topics such as security, ecology, and urban planning, in order to know their perception of what is needed in the municipality. In order to improve the conditions of the municipality, which will be reflected in the decisions that will be part of the Municipal Development and Governance Plan.

Barbosa Padilla mentioned that the only requirement is to be residents of this tourist destination, because they know the problems of the municipality.

He announced that the questionnaires will be up until next Friday in different places, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., while on the website they will be available at any time of the day, until Sunday, April 7, to subsequently collect all the results.

He said that the directors will be informed about the results and opinions. The plan is expected to be ready by the end of May. He added that once the plan is ready, the results and actions that will be carried out as priorities of this administration will be presented to society.