Náutico Vallarta is a new Peninsula Group project in Marina Vallarta, which has a modern, attractive architecture, and in harmony with the environment. It’s designed for people who like yachts and luxury boats.

The Náutico inauguration was held with a cocktail, in which distinguished guests were introduced to the building, the facilities and the condominium units. The location affords potential buyers with spectacular views of Marina Vallarta and give this area a new air of modernity.

During the inauguration it was pointed out that Náutico was sold out in its first month and it will increase investment in Marina Vallarta, more foreigners will arrive in Puerto Vallarta. And other construction companies will improve their condominiums to be more competitive.

The architecture project was developed by Arseni Varabyeu, who for its design, complied with the regulations proposed by the municipal authority and the Residents Association of Marina Vallarta

The apartments in Náutico Vallarta have one and two bedrooms, and the project offers two faces to the Marina, one facing north and one facing west, with an extraordinary view that places the condominium as one of the best in the area.

Also, the facilities and amenities are ideal for entertainment inside the Residential development, gym, pool, restaurant bar, spa, terrace, among others, which offer excellent comfort and services to their owners.