Puerto Vallarta will host the eleventh National Leaders Convention, the National Pentathlon Games, the fourth Women´s Pentathlon Meeting, as well as the ninth National Camp of the Minor Pentathlon, all in the month of June of this same year.

The above was confirmed by the councilor Saúl López Orozco, president of the Sports Council Commission, in a press conference at Florios Vallarta restaurant where he was with Demetrio Almeda Hernández, General Commander of the University Military Pentathlon of America (PDMUA AC).

In the press conference it was detailed that the Jalisco Zone of the PDMUA invited the public to the XI National Leaders Convention of Leaders, the XI National Pentathlon Games, the IV National Meeting of the Women´s Pentathlon. And the XI National Camp of the Minor Pentathlon to be held from July 24 to 27 of this year. Will be arriving from the 24 states of the Mexican Republic.

During the days of the event, the Joint Chiefs of staff, area commanders, Women´s pentathlon directors, special guests, officers and cadets will participate actively, organized by Commander Guadalupe López Cervantes.


Alameda Hernández said that last weekend a review was made of the various facilities in which the event will take place, noting that everything was in order for the series of competitions.

“We have an estimate of visitors, we almost reached the two thousand that have been registered, from the different states of the Republic, among them are athletes, parents, support staff”. The disciplines that will take place during this event will be volleyball, basketball, Tae Kwon, Olympic wrestling, athletics and archery.

As part of the activities to be carried out, the participants will be camping in the facilities of the regional high school of Puerto Vallarta and the Junior High 81.

The Agustín Flores Contreras unit, the Bobadilla sports Unit and the military facilities of the region were selected to perform the mentioned competences

It is important to mention that all activities will be public and open to any interested person.