It was a more negative than positive day for national tennis players, but at least one Mexican player received good news at the start of the Puerto Vallarta Open presented by La Afición. In the second edition of the challenger people could see how Manuel Sánchez leaded the first round for the second consecutive tournament, however, his compatriots didn´t have the same luck.

For Sanchez, the task was not easy. He faced a rival who was almost 300 places above him in the ATP standings. Even so, he managed to overcome the odds that played against him. He went ahead in the fourth game of the game and did not lose the advantage to win the first set 6-3.

The Mexican player did not start the second part well. A bad serve gave the advantage to Scott Griekspoor, who equaled what Manuel had done and closed the set in his favor for another 6-3. The Dutchman had advanced first on the board in the third set, but Sanchez managed to win.

Both players lost their serve four times during the first games. Manuel went from losing 2-3 to closing the set and the game with a new 6-3. He took advantage of the bad moments of his rival and combined them with inspiration; In this way he made it to the second round of the contest, where he will meet with the defending champion, Adrián Menéndez Maceiras.