Travel Alert: Fewer Spring Breakers this year in Puerto Vallarta

Feb 13, 2019 | Tourism | 0 comments

The wave of violence in the country and Donald TrumpĀ“s words caused the cancellation of the trips.

Between 10 and 13 thousand American students will not go to Puerto Vallarta this year in the vacation period prior to Easter due to the bad image that our country has in the USA, reported Martin Rodriguez Felix of the agency North American Travel.

This announcement was made after no airline confirmed its presence in this tourist destination by the end of February, dates in which young people usually arrive.

Although Puerto Vallarta is among the Top-10 cities with the lowest criminality rates in the country, according to data from INEGI, travel alerts and other factors, such as the issue of transportation and abuses by tour operators, caused the cancellation.

It is estimated that each young person spends approximately 1500 dollars, that is, 400 million pesos of tourism revenue that Puerto Vallarta will be missing.