Mario Nasser promotes food and handcrafted products in the parking lot of Bucerías.

This Monday a new flea market was opened in Riviera Nayarit, offering a new option to foreign residents who are temporarily in the region, visitors who can buy and enjoy fresh products from the region, as well as dishes that are part of the culinary culture of the area.

Mario Nasser, president of the Association of Restaurants of Bahía de Banderas, and promoter of the weekly exhibition that will be held in the parking lot of Flamingos, explained that it has an extraordinary team of promoters that have been associated.

“The idea of this flea market is to also publicize the products we have in our restaurants, to publicize the culinary culture in general, to show everything that is here in Mexico, and we must take advantage of it. This is a good location. an opportunity for young entrepreneurs, who are looking to start a new business.

As a regular “seeker of continuous improvement”, Mario Nasser considered that these street markets are a way to offer tourists opportunities to enjoy and spend.

He added that street markets work great and this will be done every Monday from today. He mentioned that the street market is a very typical concept of Mexico, and is part of the Mexican culture, although this time there are several international concepts.

The street market is an opportunity for producers to bring their product to the market, “what we want is for national and foreign tourists to know the suppliers”. On this occasion, several local, regional and international food concepts participated, and in fact, “we are giving an alternative with different presentations because there are 35 local exhibitors”.
Melissa Iturralde, chef who participated as an exhibitor, said that it is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, to showcase food of the market. Melisa is a chef, and has a gourmet pastry stand, and an Asian food stand.