The closing of its only income could cause that the few remaining workers, may have to leave it in abandonment.
By the closure of ‘El Salado’ to the public, this Protected Natural Area (ANP) could be abandoned, because its few workers will not have any income and that would make them look for a job elsewhere.

This ANP was ‘abandoned’ for years by the state government, which stopped providing budget for the maintenance and salary of employees. Therefore, the staff went from 17 members to only 5 at the moment.
“Pollution in the estuary will take months to heal”: Guadalajara University.

Jaime Torres, director of the “El Salado” mentioned that during the week in which the sewage was discharged, the amount corresponds to 56 football fields at a height of 1 meter, that is, more than 4 thousand 144 million liters of drainage water that was poured into the ecosystem.

“The magnitude of the pollution will be seen until the rainy season, because until that time the water in the estuary will be poured into the sea. We are going to work with what we have to try to monitor the quality of the water, but it is difficult to know it so soon, “said the biologist.