The Vallarta Botanical Garden is once again among the best in North America. This flowery space south of Puerto Vallarta was nominated for the second year in a row by the newspaper USA Today in its annual survey.

The Botanical Garden of Puerto Vallarta is one of the nominees to be included in the list of the 10 Best Botanical Gardens of North America, made by the USA Today newspaper. It is one of the two nominees outside the United States (the other is the Montreal Botanical Garden), and it has been in the fourth and sixth place.

Last year, the Vallarta Botanical Garden ranked fourth on the list of the 10 Best Botanical Gardens in North America of USA Today, only after Longwood Gardens (Pennsylvania), Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was also the only garden outside of the United States to appear on the list.

The executive director of the Botanical Garden of Vallarta, Neil Gerlowski, explained the importance of this contest. “With one million copies daily and a larger digital distribution still, USA Today is as popular as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

With a tropical location at almost the same latitude as Hawaii, the plants in Puerto Vallarta grow naturally. However, a team of horticulturists take care of them.

There is always something new flourishing in the Vallarta Botanical Garden, and each visit exceeds expectations. Mexicans from all over the republic and visitors from around the world appreciate the place.

“We are proud of the work that has been done in the Botanical Garden of Vallarta, its organization and its great variety of flora and fauna,” said Javier Aranda Pedrero, director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust. “We congratulate you on this nomination as one of the best botanical gardens in North America, which makes it a powerful sight of this destination.”

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