The Museum of Opal and Minerals of Mexico in Puerto Vallarta is now almost open, which will offer an interactive tour in which visitors can experience entering a mine and finding precious metals and rocks, as well as appreciating the texture and sensation that Mexico offers, but without risks or going far from the city.

The Museum, which simulates a network of underground natural passages with all kinds of accessories, details and textures typical of the caves and mines located in Mexico, will soon open its doors to the public, since it is 95% finished, after months of construction.

The construction work was assisted by experts in mining from the Autonomous University of Guerrero.

“At all times the construction was supervised by experts (…) we present here a series of simulated mines, for the public to interact and know what a mine is, where minerals are extracted, gold, silver as well as opal that is the pride of Magnadelna, Jalico ” said the creator of the project, Pedro Avil├ęs, who with his brother Cesar, coordinates construction of the museum.