The lack of attractions makes many tourists want to stay on the cruise rather than getting off the ship in the city.

Puerto Vallarta has no attractions for the thousands of cruise passengers and, therefore, they decide to stay on the ships and not to enjoy the destination, said Constanza Suárez, API director in the region. When she announced the details of the investment that is being made by Puerto Magico, the head of the port administration pointed out that there are many signs focused on the lack of interest of tourists.

She mentioned that there are no alternative attractions to the beaches and that this problem grew in recent years, because now visitors are looking for modern attractions.

“Tourists no longer think like 30 years ago, Puerto Vallarta has not been modernized and does not have much to offer,” said a Tourism Expert interviewed by us.

However, this problem also includes Bahía de Banderas, a municipality that intends to get involved more in the management of cruises, but that also has no alternatives to these problems. Puerto Vallarta ‘bores’ those who visit it from other countries and that could stop the arrival of cruises with a greater amount of people.